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How do our ponds and streams get their wonderful blue hue? We'd love to tell you more about it! 

Our ponds and waterfall are likely the bluest in Geauga County.... and that color does not occur naturally. We dye our ponds blue to give them a supernatural tone! After all, miniature golf is supposed to carry some whimsy with it. Come see our ponds for yourself, but never swim in them or drink from them. 

We've published an informative VLOG (video blog) about how we prepare our ponds for the season! From emptying out decaying leaves and sludge to filling them to the brim with bright blue water! Check it out! 


It seems like Chardon, Ohio is the place to be for good old fashioned fun! A recent addition to the Chardon Square illustrates that quite "tastefully"!  

If you want to experience that whimsical feeling of "a kid in a candy shop", then Sweets on the Square is the precise place you want to be. You can bring that feeling into your life no matter what your age. This business offers up a plethora candy goodness from yesteryear (but it's not old candy... it's fresh!). Stop by to grab one of your favoirites including Clove Gum,  Teaberry Gum, Gummy Bears, and Chuckles Candy!

Sweets on the Square, is not just a store... it is an experience! With photo opps and fantastic displays around every turn, you'll feel like you're inside a parallel candy universe! 

Much like Chip's Clubhouse, Sweets on the Square offers a vintage concept up with new eyes and enthusiasm. We're excited to have this business in our town! 

Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 9th at 12:30..... Chip's Clubhouse is hosting a miniature golf tournament. Whether your an experienced minigolf competior, or you just putt for fun - we're doing our best to currate an event that can be enjoyed by all! 
The tournament will have three seperate age brackets: Adults (17 and over), Teens (12-16), and "Junior" (6-11). In the Adult division, there is a $100 prize.... and the winners of our Teen and Junior divisions will take home King Kone gift cards! 
Of course, there will be trophies and some other prizes for contenstants as well!  In addition to score-based accolades, we're also going to have prize packs for the "best dressed"... so we want to see your spirited golf attire! 
To register, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, division, and phone number. We'll reply with all the info you need to compete so you'll know what to expect and all that good and groovy stuff. 
The entry fee for Adults in $10 and the fee for Juniors/Teens is just $6!
As new owners, we've never held a minigolf tournament before... but we're going to try to have as much fun as possible (and hope for good weather). 
We're doing our best to put together a great competition and a zany time for minigolfers of all levels! 
Come have fun with Chip's Clubhouse!   

The Maple Highlands Trail is a scenic 21-mile trail ideal for walking, biking, running, cross country skiing and more! Steeped in history, the majority of the trail follows an abandoned Baltimore & Ohio Railroad corridor. Cyclists and other patrons of the trail are treated to a picturesque trip through Geauga County, traversing the rural landscape from The City of Chardon to the Village of Middlefield.