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The Maple Highlands Trail in Chardon, OH

The Maple Highlands Trail in Chardon, OH

The Maple Highlands Trail is a scenic 21-mile trail ideal for walking, biking, running, cross country skiing and more! Steeped in history, the majority of the trail follows an abandoned Baltimore & Ohio Railroad corridor. Cyclists and other patrons of the trail are treated to a picturesque trip through Geauga County, traversing the rural landscape from The City of Chardon to the Village of Middlefield.


Sections of the Maple Highlands Trail pass through wetlands, woodlands, and fields. The trail crosses through several celebrated parks in the Geauga County Park district; Headwaters Park, Claridon Woodlands, and Swine Creek Reservation. Any one of these parks makes for an ideal stop on day of cycling. Grab a meal in Chardon or Middlefield at one of many local eateries!

If you’re a cyclist in Northeast, Ohio, enjoying this ride is a must! Bring your bike to Maple Highlands Trail for a day of relaxation and Geauga County hospitality!

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Out for a ride on the Maple Highlands Trail? Stop by Chip’s Clubhouse for a round of minigolf! Chip’s is located mere feet from the trail on 5th Avenue in Chardon, Ohio. Cyclists, walkers, runners, and other patrons will find that Chip’s Clubhouse is a great place to take a break and enjoy some refreshments and friendly competition on the links!