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Retro Date Night Ideas In Chardon, OH

Retro Date Night Ideas In Chardon, OH

When it comes to dates, sometimes the “classics” are the best. In this article, we propose some of the perfect “date night” activities that you can find right here in Geauga County. 

King Kone

A lot of small American towns have their own local ice cream spot. In Chardon, Ohio; ours is King Kone. This roadside ice cream stand has been providing tasty treats to patrons for over fifty years! 

In more recent years, the place has become a true Northeast Ohio hotspot known for its popular and often extravagant “Kone Creations”. One of their most popular creations, the "No Name", features King Kone's famous vanilla soft serve, rolled in pretzels, dipped in chocolate, and topped with sea salt and caramel.

 A trip for ice cream is a casual and tasty  idea. Take that special someone to King Kone! You won't regret it! 

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Chip’s Clubhouse

Of course, minigolf is a time-honored “date night” activity. The term “minigolf” often brings to mind the feel and scenery that the game took on in the 1950s. 

Playful competition in a fun atmosphere is what you’ll find at Chip’s Clubhouse in Chardon, Ohio. While this course has only been around since 2008, its existence carries on a timeless piece of Americana. The 8-foot-tall fiberglass T-Rex could easily be labeled as folk art, or just might be the perfect backdrop for that first  selfie.

Whether you are going on a first  or you're a married couple who has been together for years, minigolf is a delightfully fun  idea! Miniature golf provides a fantastic setting for you and your partner to spend some quality time together. 


The Mayfield Road Drive-In

If you live in Geauga County, it is imperative that you spend at least one summer evening at the Mayfield Road Drive-In. While cineplexes and megaplexes keep reinventing themselves with efforts to stay hip, Drive-In theaters stick to what made them so awesome in the first place; big screens, great atmosphere and a fully-loaded snack bar! 

The Mayfield Road Drive-In in Chardon, Ohio dates back to 1945 when it was known as the Hazelwood Drive-In. Cars packed with couples, families, and friends still flock to this Geauga County landmark seven nights a week during the warm Ohio summers.
Set the perfect mood on a summer  by visiting this classic Drive-In theater. You and your  can snuggle close under the starlit sky and enjoy the evening's films. It’s an intimate   or a total party of a group , you can choose to go either way!
Check the Mayfield Road Drive-In's website for showtimes/movies!