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A Jurassic Putt

A Jurassic Putt

What would a minigolf course be without larger than life attractions like a big fiberglass T-Rex?

In the 50s and 60s, minigolf boomed as both a roadside attraction and fun recreational activity. During that time, zany statues and sculptures were synanomous with courses. Today, especially in tourist destinations, plenty of minigolf operations still use huge fiberglass sculptures to draw folks and add a bit of enchantment to their courses. 

While Chip's Clubhouse was not around in the 1950s and 1960s, it certainly celebrates that estetic and history! Chip's Clubhouse features a 7-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus Rex, Chip, at the enterance of its 18-hole miniature golf course. Patrons visting this Northeast Ohio establishment will encounter Chip and other prehistoric friends at various spots on the picturesque course. 

Learn how Chip's Clubhouse got its "Chip" in their vlog!