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Thursdays in September and October at Chip's Clubhouse! It's time to "Give & Golf"!

We are so exited to announce a new initiative we’re going to take on in the “fall” months. Everything Thursday in September and October will be part of what we’re calling “Give & Golf". 

In the months of September and October last year, we were only open on the weekends… Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. This year, we wanted to add another day; but also have that extra day provide something else other than another opportunity to play minigolf! So for every round of minigolf that folks play on these Thursdays, we’ll be giving $2 dollars to a local organization. The entities we’ll be supporting this year are The Ox Shoppe, Womensafe, SubZero Mission, Geauga Hunger Task Force, Lax-Abled, and the Snowbelt Musical Arts Association. We are really excited to work with these awesome organizations in our community!

It seems as though much of what was enjoyed in the past will eventually come back into style. For today's article, we're going to examine one of the most influential films of all time; The Karate Kid.

The Karate Kid is a 1984 film starring Ralph Macchio, Pat Morita, Elisabeth Shue, and William Zabka. The movie tells the story of an earnest teen in a new town who learns karate in order to defend himself from some of his more viscious (and well trained) peers. Audiences fell in love with adolescent Daniel LaRusso, who must seek the help of the wise Mr. Miyagi, a peace-loving marital arts master. Miyagi's teachings center on patience and "balance", lessons we could all probably stand to learn a little from.

How do our ponds and streams get their wonderful blue hue? We'd love to tell you more about it! 

Our ponds and waterfall are likely the bluest in Geauga County.... and that color does not occur naturally. We dye our ponds blue to give them a supernatural tone! After all, miniature golf is supposed to carry some whimsy with it. Come see our ponds for yourself, but never swim in them or drink from them. 

We've published an informative VLOG (video blog) about how we prepare our ponds for the season! From emptying out decaying leaves and sludge to filling them to the brim with bright blue water! Check it out! 


It seems like Chardon, Ohio is the place to be for good old fashioned fun! A recent addition to the Chardon Square illustrates that quite "tastefully"!  

If you want to experience that whimsical feeling of "a kid in a candy shop", then Sweets on the Square is the precise place you want to be. You can bring that feeling into your life no matter what your age. This business offers up a plethora candy goodness from yesteryear (but it's not old candy... it's fresh!). Stop by to grab one of your favoirites including Clove Gum,  Teaberry Gum, Gummy Bears, and Chuckles Candy!

Sweets on the Square, is not just a store... it is an experience! With photo opps and fantastic displays around every turn, you'll feel like you're inside a parallel candy universe! 

Much like Chip's Clubhouse, Sweets on the Square offers a vintage concept up with new eyes and enthusiasm. We're excited to have this business in our town!